Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Mobile Blog Money System

Do you want to learn how to make a ton of money in the fast expanding mobile phone industry? If yes, then you need the Mobile Blog Money System. Click here: Mobile Blog Money to start making money today!

We recently were sent a copy of Mobile Blog Money to review as a few of our fans and visitors wanted to know what we thought of it. First we had to research who was behind the product and their reputation, and that happened to be Chris Waldron and his new Mobile Blog Money product. Read my review on my mobile blog money research on Chris Waldrons Mobile Marketing Software product below.

The "wizard of all internet marketers" as one website called it, Chris Waldron, has created one of the most ‘revolutionary money making applications' for making money with your mobile phone or other similar mobile devices such as ipads, kindles, etc. This program is known as Mobile Blog Money and Chris is ready to show us exactly how he is making all the online money. The Mobile Blog Money is a program that can be easily mastered, and the course doesn't need its users to be IT professionals or tech savvy when it comes to using mobile phones and devices for marketing. On contrary, this program is suitable for everyone who knows how to use the computer on a basics level.

What is Mobile Blog Money?

When we review what the official Mobile Blog money website says: Mobile Blog Money is a unique development in the growing mobile arena; Chris being an expert in the mobile arena decided to launch his own software for making money while blogging and using mobile devices. The software will generate money from the outstanding numbers of mobile subscribers, which is of over 5.2 billions around the world. So that you can understand more about this program, let's have a look at what Mobile Blogging can enable you to do:

- it creates Mobile Optimize Sites (good quality ‘squeeze pages' that convert well because they are professionally done and used)
- it creates Mobile Squeeze Pages (after driving traffic to your website the ability to capture their information and email details effectively)

As Chris W went on to say, the Mobile Blog software is very user friendly, so it takes only a few minutes to create the websites and squeeze the pages. According to the Mobile Blog Video there is no other software out there that can be compared with Mobile Blog Money product. Also Chris adds comments about how he created a great guide to help you analyze what is all about and how to manage the program.

Based on the Mobile Marketing concept, Mobile Blog Money is not a brand-new concept in the area of marketing. Everybody now a days owns a mobile phone and the majority of these people having mobile phones are subscribed to a one a few mobile databases. This entire situation means that more than 75% of world's population is available for you to contact and inform them. Mobile Marketing is a solid market with the biggest chances of success as it is the new email. There was a recent stat that compared the rate at which emails and texts get opened in today's society, and the percentage that mobile was higher was staggering.

What does Mobile Blog Money do is creating mobile optimized sites, squeezing the pages and landing pages and marketing these to the users of mobile phones. There is another plus option in Mobile Blog Money: you will be able to convert your normal website into a mobile optimized site following Chris's guide.

Mobile Blog Money Marketing Strategy Review

what is mobile blog moneyThere are 2 pretty to easy use methods by which you can promote your websites:

1. by Ads through which you will use Ad Network to display and present your advertisements, based on CPC method. Each click will cost you around 3 cents. Users will see your advertisements and if they will be interested, they will click the ad for more information. This is all due to the fact that whenever a mobile phone user downloads any game or application, he or she receives also advertisements along that might catch their interest. This idea works amazingly well in terms of marketing.

2. by text messages – you can add another field of mobile number in your usual list building. You can notify these subscribers whenever you update your site.
Another thing amazing about Mobile Blog Money is the 100% risk-free feature that will get you your money back in 60 days, in case you are not satisfied with the program's abilities.

Do you want to learn how to make a ton of money in the fast expanding mobile phone industry? If yes, then you need the Mobile Blog Money System. Click here: Mobile Blog Money to start making money today!


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